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Testimonials speak to the power of teamwork with parents and other healthcare professionals!

"He is drastically better than when you started working with him...." - SA's Parent

"One of her friends complimented her on how differently she speaks now!  Thank you!"  - KM's Parent 

"On a positive note, he has gained 2.5 pounds in 6 months and has moved from the 5th percentile to 11th percentile in weight!" - CL's Parent

"Hi Sandra, I’m so excited!  We got home from our long day, and I asked N. where her homework was. She said, “I left it in the carrr.”
And her R on car was SOOO good!  That’s the first very clear R she’s ever said, without being prompted, at the end of a word. 
Yay!" - NN's Parent

"I have been here at xxx University for almost 2 weeks ...I did have my first presentation today and it went really well, so I wanted to thank you for all you did to help me improve ..."  - SP

"I love speech.  You taught me how to lift my tongue up.  I have fun with your mouth toy.  I love you!  Love, S"  -SC

Thank you.  It was really surreal to actually hear her at the appointment.  The girl who was once shy to talk, now speaks freely.  I'm forever grateful to God for sending you to us:). Thank you.  - BB's Parent

"Thank you! You worked miracles with her this spring and we are so very grateful. We will miss our weekly visits but have the tools to continue progressing at home - thanks to you!"  - WJ's Parent

"Sandra is truly amazing. She is thorough and is one of a kind. I would recommend her for SLP/Orofacial Myology/Feeding Therapy services. She took great care of my daughter and I am so grateful she was recommended to us!" -OM's Parent

"I am already noticing a difference.  Thank you and see you next week!" - OM's Parent

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