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Time to Say Goodbye to Thumb Sucking, But How?

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Thumb sucking..... It sure seems comforting and calming, and yet we all know it has to stop and the sooner, the better. Parents are often concerned that their child will be teased as a result of the habit. Some worry about ingesting germs and even skin sores as a potential source for infection.

Many don't realize, however, that thumb sucking can have even more negative impact. For example:

  • Supports mouth rather than nasal breathing

  • Displaces the tongue from it's natural position

  • Misshapes the palate

  • Misshapes the dental arch

What's more, each of these issues listed above in turn have further impact!

If your child is age four and up, together we can empower your child to kick this habit! Often we can accomplish this in as little as 10 days. Our program is based on principles put forward by Sandra Holzman MS CCC-SLP COM, QOM: Child's awareness, child's decision, self-fulfilling prophesy, and positive reinforcement. It's time to unplug that thumb!

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